My work features expressive lines in high contrast to spark the visual processing center of the brain: the occipital lobe. The name I gave myself, Occipital, is not only connected with my art because of its visual nature, but also because the word itself is strong and accurately represents my personal muse.

Initially, creating art was an outlet to express emotion. Now, it’s become how I find endless ways to share the memories and vibes of one of my favorite human beings with the world. She lived a vibrant life—and it’s my aim to ensure her presence lives on through a venue as meaningful as art.

The abstract figures I paint capture many facets of her personality and her journey: her confidence, her wit, her darkness, her light, her freedom, and her elegance. With her as my muse, it’s allowed me to soak up the world around me and have it spill out of my hand.

Most of my work is done in watercolor, playing with the transparency of the paint to create texture within the bold lines. I also use acrylic paint, chalk, and metal. In each medium, I try to minimize the lines and shape used in each piece to create a simplistic look. The pieces range in size and scale—from paper and canvas to large wall murals.

I hope to continue to grow and evolve the collections developed through Occipital and share my muse with the rest of the world. She was always someone you just could not—and would not want—to contain.




Film Director/ Editor: AJ Favicchio

Dancer: Kerime Konur

Music: Steven Sacco